In the city of San Luis Obispo, a bicycle accident may lead to lost income or lost wages. This loss can have a serious impact on families, limiting their ability to pay bills and purchase life’s necessities. When a bicyclist is hurt in an accident through no fault of their own, they may have the legal right to seek compensation for those injuries and for wages that have been lost.

It is not unusual for a victim of a bicycle versus vehicle accident to be seriously injured. These injuries can impact the victim’s ability to return to work immediately or, in more severe incidents, at all. When this happens, a victim and their family may find it difficult to not only pay the costs associated with the accident, but to pay for their lives in general.

Most people have costs associated with daily life. Rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, and the cost of food, hygiene items and recreational activities can be expensive. People work so that they can pay for these things. When they are unable to work due to someone’s negligence, they often suffer more than injury. They can suffer financially as well.

Any person who is injured in a bicycle accident and cannot return to work will lose their paycheck. This can have a dramatic impact on their lives. Through no fault of their own, their lives are altered. This is why it is within a victim’s rights to sue the at-fault driver for compensation for lost wages or lost income.