In the city of San Luis Obispo, an auto accident lawsuit is only successful when a victim’s attorney can prove that there was injury, but a “possible injury” may not be enough. The injury a person sustains does not have to be physical. That is, emotional distress can be considered an injury if an attorney can demonstrate that it was significant enough to alter the normal course of someone’s life and was a direct result of the vehicle collision.

When a victim sustains a “possible injury,” an attorney must investigate further. Standing on its own, a possible injury is not enough to take an at-fault driver to court. A “possible injury” is enough, however, to add to a case when there are proof of injuries. For example, a person may have proof of a fractured leg bone but only a “possible injury” to their knee. The x-rays from the fractured leg can be used to show stress on the knee. An experienced attorney will use all information gathered to help prove that injuries are not only present, but were sustained in the collision.

Because injuries must be proven in a court of law as directly related to a vehicle collision, it is important for any occupant of a vehicle that has been struck seek medical attention. Injuries may not become apparent immediately, surfacing days, weeks or months later. If an auto accident victim neglects to seek medical treatment directly following the accident, it can be difficult to prove that any injuries that arise later were a result of that accident.