In the city of San Luis Obispo, a “broadside” accident refers to one where one vehicle is struck by another along the length of its side. The area of the vehicle struck is typically along the entry doors.

Many people refer to these types of accidents as “T-bone” collisions. These accidents are given this moniker because of the way the bones in a short loin steak meet at a right or perpendicular angle. In other cases, a broadside accident may be referred to as a side collision.

Even though automobile manufacturers now include side-impact airbags as standard safety equipment, these types of collisions are considered to be especially dangerous. Older vehicles may not have these pieces of safety equipment in place and may not have the same footage of crumple zones as newer vehicles do.

When the side of a vehicle is struck, there are very thin materials, namely glass and metal, that separate the occupants from the other vehicle. The transfer of energy in this type of accident can be intense and case a great deal of injury and damage. In the most serious accidents, the two vehicles collide and are sent moving in such a way that they strike other vehicles in the area.

When fault is able to be determined in a broadside accident, the offending driver may be held legally liable for damage and injury sustained by the innocent victim. An experienced attorney can assist victims in seeking compensation in a court of law.