In the city of San Luis Obispo, when a person is said to have suffered an accidental death, it means that the person was not killed purposely or with intent.

When a death is ruled accidental, it is not uncommon for people to believe that no one is at fault. After all, the death was an accident. This is not accurate in many cases. An accidental death can be caused by someone’s negligence or error. The death was not intentional, but someone’s actions contributed to or caused the death, making that person liable in civil court. An accidental death does not always end up with the negligent person facing criminal charges.

For example, a worker passes away after being injured in an industrial accident. The supervisor or owner of that company is determined to have allowed for lapses in safety, did not train employees properly or even neglected to maintain equipment. That supervisor or owner may be considered at least partially responsible for the death of the worker due to their negligence in ensuring a safe workplace.

When a person suffers an “accidental death,” it is imperative that the family seek the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney. It is important to begin gathering evidence as soon as possible if the family hopes to recover damages for their loved one’s death. When a person dies suddenly or unexpectedly, the remaining family members may be adversely affected. Family members should not be forced into financial ruin through no fault of their own.