In the state of California, a fatal dog attack is considered to be very serious. An owner of a dog or dogs who attack another human being in such a way that their injuries prove fatal may be sued for wrongful death.

According to California law, a person who is attacked by a dog has the right to seek damages. The owner of the dog is held legally liable for their pet. Types of injuries sustained in dog attacks include:

  • Catastrophic injury – nerve damage, muscle damage
  • Loss of extremities – severe bone damage, loss of limbs
  • Permanent scarring – disfiguration, torn tissues
  • Death

Pet owners are urged to be responsible with their animals. The laws of the state regarding dogs dictates that pets are kept under control. This means that they must be secured by some type of fence or tie out when outdoors, and they must be walked on a leash when off of the property. Dogs that are known to escape fences should be kept in a secure pen while outside or on a leash and under the direct supervision of their owner.

Dogs who attack may be deemed dangerous. Dogs who attack severely may be put down. This can be traumatic for everyone involved in the incident. If you have a dog who is known to have aggressive tendencies, take every precaution to keep it under control. If you fail to do this and your dog kills someone, you will be held liable and could be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars.