In the city of San Luis Obispo, all drivers are prohibited from traveling at speeds that are higher than the posted limit and/or faster than is prudent for current road conditions. When a truck accident is caused by speeding, the results can be devastating. A semi-truck has tons of power behind it which grows exponentially as the truck picks up speed.

Speed regulations are put in place to protect the safety of every driver and passenger on the road. State laws dictate the speeds on certain roads. Studies are conducted to determine the safest speeds for the road conditions, taking into account businesses and residences present, if any.

When a driver chooses to exceed the posted speed limits for a specific stretch of road, that driver is speeding. This illegal driving practice is the second leading cause of truck accidents across the nation. According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, speed was a contributing factor in 32,000 out of 141,000 accidents that resulted in injury or fatality during the period of study. The study considered not simply speeding, but traveling at speeds that were excessive for the conditions of the road.

When a truck driver speeds, they are considered to be negligent. When their speed is what causes an accident, they can be found legally liable for compensating the victim for medical bills, property damage and more. Victims of truck accidents should consult an experienced accident attorney to determine whether they have the elements necessary for a successful lawsuit.