In the city of San Luis Obispo, there are rules that dictate how a truck driver must operate their vehicle on California roadways. When a truck accident is caused by illegal driving maneuvers, the driver of the vehicle may be held liable for injury and property damage sustained by a victim. Rules that dictate driving behaviors include rules for traffic control devices, the use of signals, speed and more. Illegal driving maneuvers do not have to be severe or dramatic to have grave consequences given the power of a large truck.

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study, truck drivers made an illegal maneuver in 13,000 out of the 141,000 accidents that caused serious injury or fatality during its period of study. Approximately nine percent of accidents were caused by some type of illegal maneuver. Distractions outside of the cab, cargo shifts and tailgating were all also causes of accidents, but not as many as illegal driving maneuvers. Speeding and brake problems, according to the study, were the most prevalent causes of accident.

More examples of illegal driving maneuvers that can cause accidents are traveling the wrong direction, turning from the wrong lane, U-turns in prohibited areas, and illegal passing. All of these maneuvers are dangerous and can cause accidents which lead to serious injury or fatality.

When a truck driver is found to be at fault in an accident, they or the trucking company may be legally responsible for compensating the victim for property damage and injury.