In the city of San Luis Obispo, claims bills offer a way for victims of injury at the hands of a public official to be compensated. They also provide for compensation to any person who has been harmed by a public agency. When a person is hurt by a public official or entity, they do not seek compensation through traditional means.

When a public official or entity harms a person, that victim does not file a lawsuit in civil court. Instead, the person utilizes a claims bill. This is a way to provide exception to sovereign immunity which protects government officials from lawsuits when they cause injury while carrying out their duties. Even if injury is caused by a public official doing their job, victims still deserve compensation. Claims bills are what makes this possible.

A claims bill is filed with the state government rather than a court. The legislature reviews a claims bill and determines whether or not the victim will be compensated for their injuries. For example, a person who is struck by an ambulance as that vehicle is racing to the scene of an emergency could file a claims bill with the legislature requesting compensation. That person would not sue in civil court.

If you have been injured by a public official, you do have rights. An attorney experienced with claims bills can review the details of your injury and advise you of your best options. Call an attorney for assistance today.