What Should I Look For In A Truck Accident Attorney?

You’ve been involved in a truck accident in San Luis Obispo. You know that you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses, but you aren’t sure how to get it. 

To receive the compensation you are entitled to, you will have to build a strong case that proves negligence. You’ll also need to calculate your losses and convince the party hearing your case that you deserve compensation. Appointing a truck accident attorney in San Luis Obispo can increase the chances that you can make it all happen.

It’s not enough to merely know that you need a truck accident lawyer, either. You have to choose the right attorney for your case. 

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What You Want to Know Before You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Here are a few questions worth asking when you are vetting the capabilities of a San Luis Obispo truck accident lawyer.

1. How long have you been practicing personal injury law?

Every lawyer has to start somewhere, but do you really want to be their first case? When it comes to arguing your case in court, experience counts. Many cases won’t end up in court, but insurers are much more willing to settle when they think they won’t be able to win a jury over.

Find a truck accident lawyer who has experience securing settlement agreements and winning court verdicts. When you choose an attorney who has been practicing for years representing victims like you, you are more likely to get a positive outcome.

2. Do you have experience with truck accidents like mine?

The field of personal injury law is vast. Injury lawyers can be highly experienced with one type of case but not another. One lawyer may focus on premises liability, for example, and another may focus on workers’ compensation. 

What you want is an attorney who has been representing victims of truck accidents with no small degree of success. A truck accident scenario is unique, and you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of this type of collision. 

3. Have you handled cases with catastrophic injuries and multiple liable parties before?

Look for a truck accident attorney at a firm that has handled serious injury cases or truck accidents with complex questions of liability. They will be capable of working with medical professionals and fact witnesses who can attest to the causes of your injury, estimate their future costs, and defend against allegations that your injuries weren’t wholly related to the accident.

Since truck accident cases can be quite complex and involve multiple defending parties, you also want an attorney who has dealt with multi-party claims before. After a truck accident, it is possible that you will be filing a lawsuit against a carrier while seeking a claim against a private owner-operator truck driver’s liability policy. 

Litigation on this level can get overwhelming quickly, especially when corporate lawyers become involved. You need an attorney who can keep things straight and who won’t back down from asserting your needs.

4. What kind of resources does your firm have?

Larger firms tend to have more resources. Pursuing your claim against a trucking company or other corporate defendant will take time and require resources. You want a firm that has enough staff and resources to handle your case successfully. 

That said, you don’t want to hire a firm that represents so many clients that you get lost amidst the paperwork. It’s a fine balance.

5. Where are your offices located?

You can hire an attorney that is licensed to practice law in California, even if they don’t live in California. Ask where the attorney’s office is located. You may need an office within walking distance or you may be able to commute. Unless you want every meeting you have to be held over the phone or virtually, this is important.

6. What kind of settlements have you been able to secure?

It may not be in your best interest to take your case all the way through the court process. Court litigation is expensive, and it can make the timeline of your case much longer. 

In many cases, you will hope that you can negotiate a reasonable settlement with insurers and at-fault parties for the vast majority – if not all – of your damages early on in the process. If your attorney isn’t adept at handling settlements and negotiations, you will find yourself in court when you didn’t necessarily need to be. 

7. What types of awards, honors, and recognition have you received?

Awards aren’t important to everyone, and not having been awarded or recognized isn’t a deal-breaker. However, you may want to look for an attorney who has been recognized for at least something. 

Truck accident attorneys who have built a strong reputation in the local community typically receive rewards and recognition. Many legal peer organizations recognize individual attorneys for their excellence and professionalism. Some local organizations will grant awards to outstanding businesses in their community, including firms that set a high standard for customer/client excellence. 

Consumer groups may also have granted accolades to a San Luis Obispo law firm. Additionally, rating agencies like Avvo and SuperLawyers provide rankings to help clients know when a firm stands out.

8. Can I see reviews from past clients?

No attorney should be wary of providing you with reviews from past clients. In many cases, you can find them online. Remember that there is always going to be at least one person who isn’t happy, but when several people are unhappy for the same reasons, that’s a pattern. Look for a firm where the majority of reviews are positive, preferably for reasons that matter to you.

9. How will we communicate?

You are going to need to speak with your attorney during your case. Your preferred method of communication should not be an issue for your truck accident lawyer. Will your attorney be available when you are? Will they answer emails when you send them? Are they open to sending texts while you are at work? Are they available during your most flexible hours? 

Decide what is important to you, and make sure the attorney you hire lives up to your expectations.

10. Do they have a personality that gels with yours?

This isn’t a question you can ask, but it is something worth considering. You want someone that you get along with, professionally speaking. You don’t have to like them as you would a close friend, but you’re going to be speaking with this person frequently and are trusting them to represent you successfully. 

If you can’t stand to speak with them, or their methods just aren’t your cup of tea, then there could be issues down the road handling your truck accident injury case.

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