Financial assistance for traumatic brain injury victims in California and beyond

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It is being discovered that traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects more people than was ever realized. Advances in screening and diagnosis methods have shed light on the impacts of brain injury and how it can lead to trouble with focus at school and work, disrupt relationships, lead to instances of domestic violence, and produce behaviors of addiction that often lead to intervention by the criminal justice system. Getting help can be challenging.

Finding resources for brain injury financial assistance can bring relief to individuals suffering from various brain injuries, and the San Luis Obispo brain injury lawyers at Ernst Law Group want to shed light on helpful resources in California and beyond to help families and individuals affected by traumatic brain injury.

Understanding traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injuries do not always result from external trauma, though many do. The most common type of TBI individuals suffer from is concussion, with most individuals healing from these injuries. However, repeated brain injury due to concussions can lead to further trauma and progressed brain injury.

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Below, we share links and information to sites that may offer financial aid for traumatic brain injury services for those seeking help.

Financial assistance for TBI victims in California

The Traumatic Brain Injury Program

The California Department of Rehabilitation administers the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program to assist state residents when other resources are unavailable. The program aims to return individuals to the most appropriate level of functioning possible.

In addition to the many services they provide, the TBI program establishes working relationships with the State General Fund  to help individuals with traumatic brain injuries in California reintegrate into the community, obtain supported living services, and find work to secure financial assistance for themselves through employment, with additional services including:

  • Acute care
  • Modifications for home and vehicles
  • Assistive technology
  • In and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Transitional living

Some of the facilities participating in California’s TBI Program include:

  • Brain Injury Center Central Coast (BIC)
  • Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL)
  • Dignity Health, Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento
  • Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living (DRAIL)
  • FREED Center for Independent Living
  • Independent Living Center of Southern California (ILCSC)
  • Jodi House
  • Resources for Independence, Central Valley (RICV)
  • Rolling Start Inc. (RSI)
  • San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (SDBIF)
  • Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living(SCRS)
  • St. Jude Brain Injury Network

It is always beneficial to start at the governmental level to seek traumatic brain injury financial assistance from various programs that a state offers. These funds are designated specifically for individuals suffering from brain injuries in California and may be available for those who qualify.

Brain Injury Association of California

Various possibilities to receive financial aid for traumatic brain injury may be available for multiple groups of individuals through programs identified by the Brain Injury Association of California. In addition to training for caregivers, independent living assistance, and vocational rehabilitation for individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injury may benefit from brain injury financial assistance if they are a veteran or military servicemember.


CalABLE provides a way for families of individuals with TBI or individuals under the age of 26 to begin to save money without tax penalties and continue to maintain federal benefits. Even though money is required as an investment for savings, removing the tax burden on funds used to provide medical services can afford tremendous financial aid for traumatic brain injury victims.

Team Luke Hope for Minds

Though located in Austin, TX, Team Luke Hope for Minds has compiled a tremendous list of California Support Programs and Agencies offering assistance to California residents and families across the country whose child has suffered traumatic brain injury. Families can also apply for various services for brain injury financial assistance on their site.

Help Hope Live

Help Hope Live assists through community-based fundraising to help with the financial costs resulting from traumatic brain injury. Though their home office is not located in California, their services can benefit those in need who live in the Golden State. Ernst Law Group, brain injury lawyers in San Luis Obispo, have witnessed the life-changing impact of traumatic brain injury and strive to serve every client, no matter their location.

Individuals suffering brain injuries must often find alternative accommodations for transportation and in-home technology that facilitate an easier life. Ongoing medical care can produce overwhelming expenses. Help Hope Live works with communities across the country and in California to provide for the needs of their neighbors through a non-profit format, helping families cope with the surprising impact of traumatic brain injury on relationships.

Compassionate San Luis Obispo brain injury lawyers

Ernst Law Group not only strives to help individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury find the compensation they deserve but also to offer a supportive network to brain injury sufferers and their families. Through available financial assistance, a family can gain more independence after their income has significantly reduced as a result of a loved one’s brain injury. Call (805) 541-0300 to schedule a consultation, or reach us online today.