With the rise in popularity of solar panels for residential and commercial properties, many solar panel manufacturers and installers tend to fly too close to the sun. They aim for scalability rather than true business sustainability, leading to inferior products and installations that can create an unacceptable risk of catastrophic fires.

Solar panel fires have ravaged countless homes and businesses in California in the past decade. Poor design, manufacture, or installation of these panels leads to scenarios where materials heat up or become exposed to an electrical short. Fires can quickly catch on the roof, and they can spread to the rest of the home’s structure in a matter of minutes.

Pursuing Legal Options for Defective Solar Panels

If your family or business has experienced the devastating blow of a conflagration caused by defective solar panel installation or a defective solar panel product, then you have legal rights to pursue all corresponding damages from the at-fault party. A solar panel fires lawyer in California can assist you with filing a claim, negotiating a claim and, if need be, filing a lawsuit against all applicable parties.

Ernst Law Group represents consumer victims of defective products or services, helping them seek all applicable damages from all potentially liable companies. We vigorously pursue claims with the intent that they could stand up in court in front of a jury — and many of our cases do.

Our trial experience, coupled with our years of litigating defective product claims, will give your case a higher chance of resulting in a fair settlement for all of your economic losses and other associated damages.

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Why Do Solar Panels Catch Fire in California?

There are two primary reasons for solar panels to catch fire on a home or business in California:

  1. They were improperly installed by a negligent or inexperienced contractor
  2. The solar panels and their associated devices contained unsafe materials, were poorly constructed, or were designed with inherent flaws

In both cases, inadequate protection or connection of the needed wiring systems can lead to electrical shorts. These electrical shorts can in turn cause components to overheat or trigger fires through direct contact between flammable materials and electrical currents.

Material breakdowns in the insulation or conduit systems for the panels can expose wiring to the elements, or they can create stress at connection points that then lead to catastrophic failure. Making matters worse, many of the materials used to construct and install solar panels can be flammable, particularly on the backing of the panels.

Because of a solar panel’s design, they are mounted upon or close to the surface of the roof, with small gaps between the panel support system or within the enclosures of the solar receptor panels themselves. These spaces allow heat to concentrate, creating a risk of a fire underneath the panel and close to the surface of the roof. The fire can then spread rapidly through the space, spreading across the entire device footprint rapidly. Some California solar panel fires have completely engulfed the roofs they were installed on and destroyed the entire structure of the building.

Who Could Be Liable for a Solar Panel Fire on My California Property?

Determining who could be determined liable for the damage a fire causes requires extensive legal expertise. An attorney familiar with California defective products laws will investigate the cause of the fire and attribute it to one or more of the following:

  • Solar panel device manufacturers
  • OEM parts manufacturers supplying solar panel manufacturing companies
  • Roofing and installation contractors who install solar panel systems
  • Roofing materials product manufacturers
  • Builders or developers who constructed the home

Some cases involve complex scenarios where multiple parties share liability for the same incident. In these cases, each defendant will assume their portion of liability from the total damages caused.

To hold at-fault parties responsible for the damages they caused, your solar panel fires lawyer in California will examine the facts of your case and file a claim against all relevant parties. Your attorney will negotiate this claim with attorneys and insurers representing the defendants and ideally come to an agreement on a fair settlement compensating you for property damage, interruption of business, homeowner’s insurance deductible reimbursements, and any applicable non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

When one or more parties refuse to settle, your team of defective solar panel lawyers in California can seek mediation or arbitration. If all else fails, your attorney should be willing to represent your case through trial litigation up to the point of a jury hearing, if required.

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