Throughout the state, there are a variety of facilities and programs available for brain injury rehabilitation. We have chosen to identify some of the most well-known programs in the state, but there are many other programs that may be available based on your needs and location.

Feel free to explore this page, our page on rehabilitation and treatment of brain injuries, and our page on disability programs and services for brain injuries.

St. Jude Medical Center

St. Jude Medical Center is home to the St. Jude Brain Injury Network. As the name suggests, the St. Jude Brain Injury Network takes a coordinated approach to providing rehabilitation and reintegration programs for injured individuals and their families. This network provides:

  • Community Reintegration Services
  • Vocational Services
  • Housing Services
Mercy General Hospital

Mercy General Hospital is home to the Coordinated Care Project, which provides supportive services to those living with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). What makes the Coordinated Care Project so unique is the fact that all of its services are provided free of charge through a grant from the state. Specifically, they provide:

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Program
  • Weekly Bridges Support Group
  • The Return to Work Cooperative
Betty Clooney Center

The Betty Clooney Center (BCC) is a branch of the Betty Clooney Foundation. The BCC provides support for individuals living with and recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Specifically, the BCC provides:

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