In the city of San Luis Obispo, a spinal cord injury may be the result of any number of acts of violence. An act of violence does not always have to be perpetrated by a criminal. A hunting or firearm accident may result in someone being shot and injured, either temporarily or permanently.

After motor vehicle accidents and falls, acts of violence are the most common cause of injuries to the spinal cord that result in paralysis. These types of injuries most commonly occur among those in their teens through their twenties. Approximately 80 percent of these accident victims are male.

Typically, an act of violence that results in the crushing, tearing or severing of the spinal cord result in a loss of feeling or function below the area of the injury. The result of these injuries may be complete or incomplete. In complete injuries, there is no sensation or movement. When an injury is incomplete, the victim may suffer with a partial loss of sensation or movement.

How or when a person will recover from this type of injury is dependent on the severity of the injury. Recovery may also depend on the location of the injury. The faster someone receives medical attention after an injury of this type, the better the chances for a positive recovery.

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury as a result of an act of violence, they may be able to seek legal remedy for medical bills, lost wages and more. Victims of violence who have sustained injury should contact an experienced attorney for assistance.