In the city of San Luis Obispo, who can be held liable for a catastrophic injury is not always clear. An experienced personal injury attorney can sort through through the details of the incident that caused the injury to determine who is at fault and who may be held liable. In some instances, a single person will be held liable and in other cases, it may be several people or entities that are liable.

For example: Shannon is driving down the road and distracted by her cell phone. Robert is driving in the opposite direction. Due to Shannon’s distraction, she crosses the center line and hits Robert head on. Robert suffers severe injuries that will take months to recover from. Shannon will be held liable for Robert’s injuries and property damage.

In another example: Jacob receives a hoverboard for Christmas. As he is operating the hoverboard, it catches on fire, causing Jacob to sustain severe burns. An attorney for Jacob’s family may determine that it is in the family’s best interest to sue the manufacturer of the toy and the owner of the store where the toy was sold.

Each personal injury case is unique. When catastrophic injury occurs due to no fault of the victim, someone must be held accountable. An attorney experienced in personal injury law will be able to determine who should be named in a lawsuit based on the facts of the case. If you or a family member have been catastrophically injured in some type of accident, reach out to an attorney for assistance.