In the city of San Luis Obispo, a boating accident may be caused by a failure on the part of the operator to obey the rules set by federal and state laws for safe boating. When a person chooses to operate a vessel on open water, the must do so while following laws that have been set forth by enforcement officials. These laws are meant to keep everyone in and on the water safe.

There are federal and state rules and regulations in place that dictate how an operator must drive their vessel on certain types of waterways. For example, a boater should not drive in a manner that could be considered reckless. Speeding, cutting other boaters off, jumping wakes and more are considered to be dangerous. Drinking while boating is considered to be as serious as operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

When a boat operator fails to obey these laws, they may be cited and fined. When neglect to follow the rules and regulations that have been set forth results in an accident with injury and/or property damage, the at-fault party may be sued by victims. These victims are legally permitted to sue for compensation for medical bills, lost wages and property damage. Victims may sue for other types of compensation depending on the unique details of the accident.

Any person who has been injured in a boating accident should consult an attorney who is experienced in boating accident law for assistance.