Checking the Time after a Truck Accident
What is the first thing you do after a semi-truck accident? There is an order that you look at the situation:
On Scene:
  1. Immediate medical treatment
  2. Speak to the police
  3. Find out the name and number of all witnesses. This can include asking about what they saw.
  4. Get insurance information from everyone involved in the semi-truck accident.
  5. Take photos of everything. The road, the damage to vehicles. The damage to the inside of vehicles. Injuries. Insurance information and cards (so you do not forget later). Business cards.
Off Scene:
You will need to find the following after you leave the scene of the semi-truck accident.
  1. Your auto insurance information. This will need to include your claim number, insurance number, and policy information.
  2. Your medical information. If you or your family, or someone you know suffered injury in the semi-truck accident, their medical insurance will explain what gets paid for, and what does not get paid for. Medical insurance can include MediCare, MediCal, or any medical insurance you have through your work (generally called ERISA plans)
This is information that is necessary to make the most informed decision about the next steps. If the injuries are serious, legal counsel will be needed. If not, please evaluate the self-help section that should explain the steps you will need to take to settle with the insurance company of the semi-truck company.