What are Diffuse Axonal Injuries?

When the brain moves quickly back-and-forth or side-to-side within the skull, diffuse axonal injuries can occur. Rather than occurring within a specific spot in the brain, diffuse axonal injuries occur over a larger portion of the brain.  This quick motion within the brain causes a tearing of the nerve cells which allow neurons within in the brain to send signals and communicate with one another.

This tearing can also cause certain brain cells to die, which leads to swelling. Swelling within the brain puts pressure on the brain, which causes additional injuries and increased cell death.

Diffuse axonal injuries are common in car accidents, sport- related injuries and violent situations. Anytime the brain is abruptly shaken, it is put at risk for a diffuse axonal injury. Diffuse axonal injuries can lead to lengthy losses of consciousness (6 or more hours), as well as confusion and other typical signs of traumatic brain injury.

What to Expect with a Diffuse Axonal Injury

If an individual suffers a mild or moderate diffuse axonal injury, measures will be taken to lessen the swelling within the brain, and the patient will be treated according to the symptoms they are exhibiting. This treatment could include counseling, speech and occupational therapy and in-home care and support.

For severe diffuse axonal injuries, about 90% of people who survive will never regain consciousness. The 10% that do regain consciousness will most likely be severely impaired and will require significant support for the remainder of their lives.

Resources for Family Members of Individuals with Diffuse Axonal Injuries

Providing care, and a safe and healthy environment for your loved one who has suffered a severe diffuse axonal injury, can be extremely difficult. One way to provide for your loved one is to investigate the circumstances of their injury. Such investigation will help you determine whether or not there is an individual or business who needs to be held legally responsible for your loved one’s injuries. Our brain injury attorneys work with families to help investigate what happened before your loved one’s injury, and we can help you pursue the appropriate claims against anyone who contributed to your loved one’s injury.

Call us today to learn about how we pursue claims involving diffuse axonal injuries and how we might be able to help you get the compensation you need in order to provide for your loved one.