As a parent, you do everything you can to protect your child but, unfortunately, accidents happen. If your child has been injured in a vehicle crash and has suffered a brain injury, we can help you figure out how to handle any possible injury claims you might bring on your child’s behalf. At The Ernst Law Group, we represent injured children who have suffered any kind of brain injury during a vehicle crash, including:

  • Closed head injuries – These injuries can be serious, even if there is very little visible indication that your child has suffered a head injury. When a vehicle is rear ended, children in car seats and boosters can suffer coup and contrecoup injuries from the sudden impact and the subsequent whipping motion their neck and back may go through. Closed head injuries can also be caused when a child strikes his or her head on the child safety seat or the interior of the car during an accident.
  • Open head injuries – These injuries are very serious because they involve damage to the skull and the entry of a foreign object into the brain. Open head injuries can result in permanent loss of physical and cognitive abilities.  When vehicle crashes happen and there is significant damage to the vehicle, the possibility of open head injuries increases significantly.
Paying for your Child’s Medical Care after a Vehicle Crash involving a Brain Injury

If your child has been in a vehicle crash and suffered a brain injury, they will need immediate and ongoing medical attention. Medical care for brain injuries caused by vehicle crashes can be extremely expensive, even if your child is covered by health insurance.

At The Ernst Law Group, we represent families with children who have suffered brain injuries from all types of vehicle crashes. One of our goals in any personal injury case is to ensure that your family has the resources it needs to provide for your child and get them the best possible medical care for a successful recovery. Pursuing a personal injury case against the person who caused the accident can be an important part of making sure you have those resources.

Call us today to discuss how one of our capable attorneys can help you bring a lawsuit against the person responsible for causing your child’s brain injury. We handle all auto accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t charge you an hourly rate or require a retainer. We wait to get paid until we are able to reach a settlement or get a verdict in your child’s case.

Please call us; we are here to answer your questions and help you protect your child’s rights.