Children can be fearless, and some seem to crave the opportunity to climb and explore. Unfortunately though, underdeveloped motor skills combined with poor impulse control lead to regular falls at your home, on the playground, at school or when visiting other homes. For most children, small falls are just part of everyday life. They teach us about boundaries and limits, and provide the family with stories to later tell about that child. But in some grave situations, serious injuries occur and children can suffer brain injuries when they fall.

Children and Serious Brain Injuries from Falling

According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 55% of traumatic brain injuries suffered by children between the ages of 0 to 14 years old were caused by falls.

Preventing Falls in Your Home

While falls can’t always be prevented, you can take some steps to avoid falls from occurring in your home.

  • Keep windows locked and use guards to prevent children from falling out of open windows.
  • Keep stairs safe by ensuring proper handrails are available on both sides of the stairwell. If small children live in the home, or visit frequently, install toddler gates to prevent children from heading up the stairs unattended.
  • Keep floors safe and tidy. Even a simple trip and fall accident can result in a very serious head injury. Keep children safe by putting away cords, cleaning up spills and eliminating tripping hazards.
  • Be aware of heights and never leave children unattended on elevated surfaces. Beds, changing tables and couches all pose significant falling hazards.

Falls that occur with older children often involve playground equipment, trees or unsupervised activity. Do your best to prevent older children from falling by keeping an eye on them while they play.

What to do if Your Child Suffers a Brain Injury from a Fall

If your child suffers a brain injury as a result of a fall, the first thing you should do is immediately seek medical attention. Treating head injuries appropriately can go a long way to avoiding even more serious injuries.

After your child’s medical condition is stable, you should explore hiring an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you decide whether or not it is appropriate for you to pursue a civil lawsuit related to your child’s injuries.

At The Ernst Law Group we offer free consultations to parents who have questions about pursuing cases related to falls and traumatic brain injuries. Call us today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.