Finding the right brain injury healthcare professional can be difficult. After a patient suffers a brain injury, they are almost always taken to the emergency department for evaluation. If the injury is serious, the patient will often be admitted for treatment and observation. Once the patient is stabilized, there may be an opportunity to look for a team of medical experts to handle ongoing treatment.

When you start looking for healthcare professionals with experience treating brain injuries, you will want to be sure to consider a few important points:

  • What is their experience with similar brain injuries? No two people are the same, thus no two brain injuries are the same. To elaborate, treating a closed head injury is different than treating an open head injury or a hypoxic brain injury. Make sure the specialists you are considering have experience with the type of injuries the patient has suffered.
  • Where are they located? Traveling can be difficult for some brain injury patients, which means that if you are considering a doctor more than a few miles away, you will need to think about how transportation will work.
  • Are they covered by your insurance? While every person who has suffered a brain injury in California has access to health insurance through either private insurance, the insurance exchange or Medi-Cal, not every doctor takes every insurance. Selecting a healthcare professional for brain injury care can quickly become very expensive if the care is not covered by insurance.

If you are having difficulty finding quality health care providers with experience handling the brain injury you or a loved one has suffered, call The Ernst Law Group. With experience throughout the state of California, we may be able to help you narrow your selections or make some recommendations for doctors we have worked with in the past.

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