• Have RSD?
  • Is it a result of some type of wrongdoing?

We are lawyers that represent clients who suffer from chronic pain, specifically Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in any location in California.   Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are also known as RSD and CRPS.  For us to be able to help you by representing you as a client, your pain condition must be caused by someone else’s wrongdoing.  Generally this wrongdoing is through negligence, meaning someone else did something to you that a normal person would not do.  Examples would be when someone hits you in a traffic accident or does not tell you of an unreasonably dangerous condition.

We have become specialized in representing injured parties who suffer from RSD and CRPS throughout the state of California.  We have helped clients with Regional sympathetic Dystrophy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome from San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Francisco.   We have helped numerous RSD victims put their lives back together, but correcting the injustice that now causes you pain. If your RSD arose from someone else’s wrongful conduct, we may be able to help.




Below are some additional resources to learn about RSD and CRPS:


  • Burning or throbbing sensation sometimes characterized by lighting/shooting type pains.
  • Generally located in an extremity of the body, such as the arm, hand foot or leg.
  • The area that is in pain can also have swelling.  The swelling tends to be intermittent, but always located in the same extremity where pain is occurring.
  • The affected limb will occasionally have changes in skin color.  The color may be either blushish, yellow or red.  Sometimes red blotches will appear.
  • The skin of the affected limb will often be tender, waxy, thin, or carry a sheen like consistency.


Causes of RSD:

Occur after some impact or injury to the limb.  Examples are crush injury, blunt force injury, fracture, or amputation.  Other major and minor traumas such as surgery, heart attacks, infections, and sprained ankles- also can lead to complex regional pain syndrome.

The causes of RSD are not well known, but many doctors believe it is due to a disfunction in the nervous system, which creates a feedback loop of pain, and an inappropriate inflammatory response.

There is no single test that can determine definitively whether or not you have RSD or CRPS.  The diagnosis is made upon a culmination of factors. 



Bone Scans – RSD and CRPS sometimes causes bone changes.  Viewing the bone density through a special camera gives doctors a better understanding and moves toward a better diagnosis.

Nerve tests-  Doctor’s diagnosing you want to understand if there are any distrubances in the sympathetic nervous system.  They can evaluate sweat, blood flow, and other

X-Rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Skin temperature measurement –  Doctors will often test the temperature of your skin as a factor to diagnosising RSD.  The temperature of your skin can be measured with Infrared Thermometry, Laser Doppler Flowmetry and/or Infrared Thermography.   All of these tests measure skin temperature differences for the purpose of tracking blood flow.

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