If you can no longer ignore the injury you have suffered because of someone else’s negligence the Ernst Law Group will give you a free consultation.  We have Personal Injury Attorneys who can explain your claim to you, so that you have enough information to decide if you want to proceed. To set up this free consultation please call:  (855) 945-9474

From the date of the accident, or when you discovered you were injured there a Statute of Limitations. This means that there is a limit of when you can file a case against the person or corporation that harmed you.  This limit is generally two years.

Motor vehicle accidents: car, truck, motorcycle, public transit accidents, boating accidents.

Car Accidents:

Every day, cars, trucks, and buses crash on the streets and highways in and around the San Luis Obispo County.  Often these accidents are a direct result of recklessness or negligence on behalf of the driver.  As a community, we pass laws against these types of behaviors, because they significantly increase the risk of one of our loved ones becoming harmed at the hands of another. When there is large vehicles moving at high rates of speed, you have a duty to your community, and their loved ones, to act responsibly.  The ability to enforce these rules, by punishing those who break them, makes us a safer society.

 Some firms represent smaller clients and whiplash type cases.  These do not require much accident reconstruction or resources.  The smaller firms do not have the resources to get the most value from your case.  The Ernst Law Group consistently represents the most complex and tragic types of accidents.  This means we have both the experience and resources to get the best quality doctors and experts.  This way we make sure that the lawyers at the Ernst Law Group get the full value of your case.

Why is this important to get the premier firm of the Central Coast?

Insurance companies realize if a law firm has the resources to take a case to trial.  The Ernst Law Group prepares every case for trial, and this means you are significantly more likely to get a higher result with our firm.

Large companies attempt to make it difficult for the injured to recover. Level the playing field by having top quality lawyers.  We only collect a fee when we win your case (contingency fee). The personal injury lawyers at the Ernst Law Group have represented and won against the biggest corporations.  There is no organization too large for the Ernst Law Group to represent your needs effectively.

You deserve the best representation possible.  When it costs you nothing unless you win, you should have the premier firm fighting for you.

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