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  • You can sue your school for personal injury if the school did something to cause the injury. This means that someone who worked for the school, a teacher, a janitor, or someone working in their official capacity caused your harm. Another way that the school can cause harm is if its facilities were dangerous, such […]

  • A personal injury settlement is an agreement between the person who is injured and the person who caused the injury. The agreement is for an amount of money to be paid to the injured person in return for no longer pursuing the person who caused the harm in court. It is considered a contract under […]

  • Most of the time, you cannot sue your employer for personal injury in California. This is the rule that most attorneys know. However, when you are injured at work, there are two things you should know. First, you have a workers’ compensation claim automatically, regardless who was at fault. Learn more about that here. Secondly, […]

  • Pain and suffering is money that is owed by the defendant in a lawsuit for the emotional harm and suffering the injured person endured. It is a category of the value of a personal injury case. For a personal injury case, the monetary value of the case is: Medical Bills Wage Loss/Loss of Income Pain […]

  • As a legal question, there are three main responsible parties.  The employer of the person who caused the accident, the companies involved who are not the employer (often called third parties) and the individual. In legal terms, these break down to: The employer of the injured person The third parties (all companies that contributed to […]

  • Most construction accidents happen during the workday.  Heavy equipment is being operated, and large amounts of people and machinery are moving around on the jobsite.  The high number of moving people lead to the falls and falling objects which are the most common construction accidents. Why do construction accidents occur? They occur because of accidents, […]

  • After a construction accident, you should first make sure you are in a safe location.  After you are safe, you should make sure the site is secure and safe, and there is no likelihood that the construction accident will harm anyone else. Next, you should alert medical personnel.  Sometimes there will be medical professionals on […]

  • The most common accident occurs from falls from heights on a construction site.  Falls can be from scaffolding, excavation equipment, ladders, stairways, trenches (both falling in and or collapse), elevators, cranes, forklifts and other types of elevated construction equipment equipment, Falling items are also a significant danger on a construction site.  These objects can be […]

  • Reporting a construction accident to the Office of Occupational Health and Safety Administration must take place if there is someone killed or three or more workers who are injured enough to require hospitalization.  The first report needs to be oral, and must take place within 8 hours of the incident. These incidents must also be […]

  • Construction accidents happen more often that many other industries.  According to OSHA, more than 20% of all fatal construction accidents were in construction.  While the 2015 statistics are not out yet, in 2014, more than 874 construction workers were killed on the job.   Construction accidents are higher than the national average for all classes […]

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