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Public Transportation Accidents: How Common are They?

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Each day, millions of people in US metropolitan areas rely on public transit to get to work and to perform their everyday activities. Because of the vast popularity of this transportation method, accidents are possible. Such accidents involve both the driver of the vehicle and the behavior of all passengers.

When it comes to the safety of passengers, what do statistics have to say about First Transit bus accident rates? Are these vehicles safe, and are problems leading to trauma and injuries common?

Types of Accidents and Their Occurrences

According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration, the number of public transit bus collisions with vehicles, objects and people has decreased significantly from 2006 to 2011. The number of bus collisions in 2011 was 2,715 in comparison to 7,645 in 2006.

The number of fires involving public transit buses was 303. There have also been 6,684 cases of other accidents that are not classified under any of the
previously mentioned categories. shutterstock_328638785

These First Transit bus accident cases have led to a total number of 64 fatalities in 2011, a decrease from 94 fatalities in 2006. The total number of injured bus passengers involved in accidents was 12,585.

Most Common Types of Injuries

First Transit bus accident cases result in various common types of injuries.

The most common problems that passengers suffer from include sprained and torn ligaments, back injuries, whiplash, broken bones and concussions. In more serious cases, passengers could experience harm in the form of herniated disks, severed limbs and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mass transit injuries are commonly caused by collisions. Passengers could also experience harm in the case of criminal actions and violent crime or slipping and falling. The final category is rather uncommon and could occur during rainfall or snowfall. Passengers that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are also susceptible.

Causes of Accidents and Passenger Injuries

When it comes to public transit harm experienced by passengers, several factors could be contributing to accidents.

The road conditions are the most frequent cause of collisions that result in passenger injuries or death. Driver negligence and poor training are also common. Many young drivers lack the experience to handle emergency situations and come up with the most adequate course of action.

The lack of safety measures or the activity of other passengers could also be contributing to dangerous situations. All of the information shows that the scenarios could be quite complex, and identifying the one party that is guilty in the case of personal harm or injury could potentially be a challenging task.

There will always be risk factors, but the statistics presented in the beginning of the article show that serious accidents involving public transit buses are not that common. Still, individuals that experience harm and permanent trauma can certainly communicate with attorneys to file an injury claim and get some kind of compensation.

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