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Aircraft and Plane Accident Lawyers

March 8, 2012

AWARD WINNING RESULTS  89 Million Dollars recovered for an Annuity Fraud Case The lawsuit was filed after a fortune 500 company consistently defrauded senior citizens with complicated financial instruments. After more than a five year litigation process, and Don’s goal to stick to “no forms, no coupons” the seniors received over 89 million dollars in benefits. 45 Million Dollars after Verdict in favor of Plaintiff. Over 8,600 senior citizens that had been the victims of deferred annuity sales fraud.  After 6 years of litigation, the court found for the plaintiffs in phase one and awarded 15.4 million in damages to the class. The case thereafter resolved for more than 45 million. The most significant fact in the resolution of this complex case after trial was no written claims process was required. 10.5 Million Dollars recovered A man was hit by a semi truck, and the resulting injury left him brain damaged, with caretakers for the rest of his life.  The defense failed to see the full value of the case until the experienced attorneys at the Ernst Law Group got involved. 10.23 Million Dollars Verdict In early 2000, a young boy on a bicycle was hit by a car on a public street coming out the rear of a shopping center in Los Osos. The boy suffered major brain damage.  Don brought suit not only against the automobile that struck the child, but the shopping center on a premises liability theory.  The intersection was uncontrolled and hidden from view by trees and bushes.  After a 6 week trial, the jury returned a gross damage award of 10.2 million dollars.  This led to safety reviews by insurance carriers of many shopping centers across the state for private roadway and sign safety   See our Portfolio for other examples.

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Aircraft and Plane Accident Lawyers