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Category : Safety Tips
  • Despite what the weatherman may say, summer is coming to a close, and students all around California are preparing to go back to school — if they aren’t back already. Whether you’re elated to finally have a peaceful home again during the day or you’re barely holding yourself together as your baby has their first […]

  • When we think of risk-takers, the common imagery is businessmen or stock brokers making decisions that could potentially be financially irresponsible. However, the biggest risk-takers are, without a doubt, children and teenagers. Jumping from heights, playing sports and other dangerous activities leave young people with scrapes, bruises, broken bones and other injuries. While most heal […]

  • How to Treat a Concussion We write frequently about concussions and brain injuries. Concussions are among the most serious injuries you can face—yet many of us don’t know how to recognize or treat them. Here are the basics of helping someone who you think may be concussed: Know the signs. Concussions come in many forms, […]

  • How Do You Protect Your Brain from Injury? The brain is easily the most sensitive and important organ in the body. Frequently, when we work with brain injury victims they express regrets that they didn’t do something different—something that might have prevented their injury and changed the course of their lives. So can you protect […]

  • Brain Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycling is fun. For some it’s about freedom, for some it’s about the machine, for others it’s about a sense of brotherhood with other motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. No matter what the reason you love motorcycles, there is something about being on those two wheel and coming around a bend […]

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