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Category : Product Liability
  • man holding product recall sign

    When a consumer purchases a product for themselves or someone else, they have the right to expect that the product, when used appropriately, won’t pose a danger. Unfortunately, people are harmed by defective products everyday. When manufacturers are made aware of these defects, they typically issue a recall of the product. Here are some of […]

  • The fiancĂ©e of one of nine construction workers who were injured while working on a Southern California freeway bridge that collapsed last week during repairs says that he is fighting for his life. In a recent interview, Kendra Santos, who is the fiancĂ© of 33-year-old Jarrell Boyd said that he may not survive injuries he […]

  • Reports that the airbags on some older model Honda Accords may not inflate has reached the ears of U.S. auto safety regulators and an investigation is currently underway. The probe into the safety of the airbags in the Honda Accords was initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency inquiry covers about 384,000 […]

  • Sky Zone Trampoline park in Covina has been named in a negligence lawsuit after a teen was badly injured when someone fell on him. According to officials, Joe Ghanem, suffered a broken tibia, a shattered knee and damaged ligament when a taller and heavier boy fell on him at the facility last year. The suit, […]

  • Product Liability Certified Lawyer

    Most of us are content with how we shop, no matter where it is. It could be a simple stroll into a supermarket; it could be hopping onto the Internet to check out the latest from your favorite retailer. But we often don’t think about the possibility of getting a defective product that could hurt […]

  • Product Liability Case Lawyer

    For most consumers, their trips online or to the supermarket to buy items are generally not eventful. You make a shopping list, and go to the local market or goods store to buy whatever is on the list. However, there are times where things don’t go as planned, no matter where you buy items. Something […]

  • Product Liability Case Lawyer

    Everyone’s familiar with being a consumer, after all, there’s a large chunk of our weekly hours spent at the supermarket buying food for the family. Perhaps we set out a part of the week to do some shopping, be it at the local mall or online. So when a case of product liability occurs, the […]

  • Product Liability Case Lawyer

    The daily challenges of running a company are never ending, especially when things go wrong in one way or another. For most supervisors, that’s just the way the business world goes and a rollercoaster that they’re all familiar with. When a customer comes forward with a case of product liability, it’s important for the customer […]

  • Product Liability

    Any customer, who buys an item from an online store or at a supermarket, doesn’t always have the time to consider the potential of buying a defective product. People tend to rush in and out of the supermarket, and a quick check of their favorite online retailer leads to a purchase just a few clicks […]

  • Product Liability Lawyer

    When a case of product liability occurs, there are a handful of people affected. The company, whose product caused the problem, has to deal with plenty of fallout, while the customer, who picks up the item and gets hurt inadvertently, suffers in a more immediate way. If an injury or worse occurs, then the customer […]

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