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Category : Personal Injury
  • train accident

    When a train accident occurs, it typically makes the headlines. This is because they don’t occur often. Unfortunately, though they aren’t common, train accidents often result in fatalities. When a person dies, they maintain their legal rights. If a loved one has passed away due to injuries sustained in a train accident, you and other […]

  • closeup of two men shaking hands

    If you are hurt in an accident, you may consider filing a lawsuit as a way to recover the money you were forced to spend on medical bills and the repair of your property. You are certainly within your legal rights to do so, but going it alone is rarely a good idea. Hiring the […]

  • Legal office of lawyers and attorney

    When you are injured in an accident, you may want to pursue legal action in order to recover the money spent on medical bills and repairing your damaged property. Many people believe that a lawyer must have trial experience in order to be “good.” The truth of that matter is that there are several factors […]

  • gavel on a dark background

    In most civil lawsuits for personal injury, the injured person’s damages are limited to economic damages (lost wages and medical expenses) and general damages (pain and suffering). The jury is usually not allowed to award punitive damages. Punitive damages are damages designed to punish the wrongdoer for extreme conduct. Punitive damages are also designed to […]

  • Helicopter parked at the helipad

    It’s a terrifying thought, and it’s the reason many people choose not to fly: crashing. Your odds of being in an airplane crash are far less likely than those of being involved in a car accident. But what about a helicopter crash? It stands to reason, with as few people who ride in helicopters, that […]

  • Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey on a Plate with Stuffing and Potatoes

    Has your stomach settled now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, or are you still pulling leftovers out of the fridge? If you’re like many people across the nation, your holiday feast got you at least through the weekend and maybe a bit beyond. If, again, you are like many people, you will try to […]

  • Intense flames from a massive forest fire

    A recent wildfire ripped through California’s wine country. The northern part of the state suffered tremendously, with more than 5,000 structures ruined and more than 40 people killed. The presumed causes for the fire ranged from unknown to a homeless person starting a campfire. A couple who resides in Santa Rosa believes that they know […]

  • Portrait of serious mature doctor holding X-ray report in hospital

    As attorneys who represent clients who have been injured, at times severely, one of the most frequent questions we get is, “Is my injury considered catastrophic?” The question is reasonable, especially because so many injuries could be classified as such. A catastrophic injury can occur across a wide variety of situations. There is no legal […]

  • Emergency CPR on a Man who has Heart Attack , One Part of the Process of Resuscitation

    It’s fair to say that shootings are on the minds of most Americans right now. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, and those at Pulse Nightclub last year, people can’t seem to get the events off their minds. In the flurry of activity that follows these tragedies, people begin to speak of gun […]

  • cracked asphalt after earthquake

    A natural disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. With the recent hurricanes, people have been given a stark reminder of this fact. Many people in California have been left considering their own vulnerabilities to natural disasters, particularly earthquakes. Here are ways you can prepare for the unknown strike. Get Your House and Belongings Ready One of […]

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