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Category : Oil Rig Accident
  • Who Is Liable for Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

    FAST FACTS U.S. workers face an average of 3.8 deaths per 100,000 employees. Offshore workers face an average of 27.1 deaths per 100,000 employees. Between 2003 and 2010, 128 workers died in offshore operations.   Workers on offshore platforms have important jobs to perform that essentially ensure a comfortable life for the general public. The […]

  • Oil and Rig Platform Offshore Accident Legal Options

    For a worker that makes a decent salary on an offshore platform, the idea of an accident occurring should rightfully worry them. After all, the location of a platform can often be miles away from civilization, meaning the only people in the area that can help are the local Coast Guard. That’s not even mentioning […]

  • If you have been in an oil rig accident, contact a personal injury attorney today.

    Workers everywhere fear the potential of getting hurt on a job. In some places, that’s very rare and can come as a shock to everyone. In other workplaces, that’s a specter hanging over everyone that pulls a paycheck in the work area. So it goes with the people who make their living in and around […]

  • While any worker knows an accident is never that far away, some occupations are simply more dangerous than others are. That’s not to say a potential worker wouldn’t know they are taking a chance with their health. Often times, the most dangerous work is frequently well paid and worth the risk to a worker who’s […]

  • If you have been involved in an oil rig accident, contact a personal injury attorney today.

    For workers on offshore platforms, the sad reality is they have to always be wary of the possibility of an accident. Very few workplaces have as much potential for serious injury as an offshore platform. With that in mind, it’s fair for the worker to know what their legal rights are. Part of that involves […]

  • If you have experienced an offshore oil rig accident, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    The reality for any offshore work is that there will always be the chance of an accident, which is particularly true if someone decides to work in an offshore rig. The money is quite good, but the potential of a serious incident will always be present, especially when dealing with oil and water. This is […]

  • If your company has experienced an oil platform accident, contact an attorney today.

    When an oil platform accident occurs, the response should be very swift from the company running the rig. After all, a major accident certainly isn’t good for the reputation of the business. That’s not forgetting the reality of trouble for the people working on the rig who may be hurt or worse. But a company […]

  • If you have been the victim of an offshore oil platform incident, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    The reality of a lawyer’s job is that it can often be very difficult. After all, the reputation of the law industry by the general public is rather low, even at the best of times. Toss in the emotion of a typical case, and people’s opinions can vary quite wildly depending on what side they’re […]

  • If your offshore oil platform has experienced an accident, contact a personal injury attorney today,

    With any work environment, there are always potential issues. Things like disabled access and working elevators are always important for white collar workers in offices. That’s not to make light of those hard workers, of course, but to highlight the differences that those in labor-intensive jobs face every day. Offshore oil platforms are vital pieces […]

  • If you have been involved in any oil rig injuries, contact a personal injury attorney today.

    The reality when doing any kind of work on an offshore oil platform, is that there will always be a chance for serious accidents. It’s merely the nature of the beast, so to speak. To be fair, standards and regulations of offshore work keep being upgraded, so a worker who spends their days on a […]

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