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Category : Personal Injury Featured Articles
  • Why California's Heat Waves Shouldn't Be Shrugged Off

    FAST FACTS 700 people lost their lives in Chicago due to a heat wave in 1995. Scientists believe heat waves such as the one Chicago experienced will occur up to three times a year by 2100. The number of record high temperatures is now more than the number of record low temperatures per year.   […]

  • Protecting Yourself in the Number One State for Dog Bites

    State Farm recently released a report stating that residents of California experience more dog bites each year than people in any other state. In 2017, 488 people made claims with the insurance company in California after being bitten by a dog. That number accounted for close to 14 percent of all dog bites in the […]

  • Common Types of Personal Injury in San Luis Obispo header

    Tort law is more commonly known to people as personal injury law. A person injured by another’s negligence or error is permitted to seek compensation for financial losses and other damages because of this area of law. A victim of a crime or intentional act also has the legal right to seek damages. Not every […]

  • broken leg

    Though every accident is unique, let’s set that aside for a moment for the sake of the following example. Let’s say that you and your closest friend are both involved in accidents that are exactly the same. You both file personal injury lawsuits and are awarded damages, but you receive much less. You find the […]

  • small chihuahua on cobbled pavement

    While many people fear being bitten by a dog, most don’t know just how common dog bites really are. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 4.5 million dog bites each year in the United States. Just under a million of those bites become infected. When you take into account the population […]

  • A man that is texting while driving runs over a pedestrian

    You have just gone to the store and are walking back to your car in the parking lot. You are walking down the street and step into the crosswalk to get to the other side. You are jogging down a country road. No matter the situation, pedestrians are struck by cars all too frequently. Injuries […]

  • Don't Drive High - Car Keys and Cannabis

    People often relate impaired driving with alcohol. We hear of the dangers of drunk driving almost daily if we are connected to the virtual world. Marijuana has also been in the headlines with regularity and, as of January 1, it is now legal in California. What does that mean for traffic accidents? It’s a great […]

  • Social security card with statements

    If you receive Social Security disability benefits and have sustained an injury due to someone’s negligence, you need to be aware of how an award can impact those benefits. The purpose of SSDI benefits are to assist people who are disabled and unable to work. SSDI is considered a source of income. Typically, a personal […]

  • vaper girl hold modern e-cig device mouthpiece in lips

    Many people have chosen to utilize e-cigarettes over the traditional tobacco-packed paper cigarettes. Why people choose to use e-cigarettes varies, but many people use them as a smoking cessation aid. Without the harmful effects of tobacco, these devices are thought to be safer over the long term, but they aren’t without their hazards. That said, […]

  • little boy in halloween costume in autumn park, kids trick or treating

    Halloween is a holiday for frightening experiences. You plan on being spooked and maybe a little bit scared. Many parents spend the majority of their time worrying that their children’s candy will be tainted, but this rarely, if ever, happens. The truth is that you have much more important things to worry about during the […]

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