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Category : Electric Accidents
  • OSHA is the agency responsible for enforcing federal workplace regulations for safety and health. When OSHA finds violations, they often levy large fines on violaters, especially repeat ones. Repeated OSHA violations are also signs that workers and other affected individuals could be eligible for compensation in a civil suit. One example of this could be […]

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    On the morning of June 6, 2015 in Santa Maria, California, two local men were performing work on an underground water pump connected to a well.  According to authorities, the workers’ equipment contacted a live electrical wire buried in the ground.  One of the men was electrocuted and was pronounced dead at the scene.  The […]

  •   Electrocution and Electrical Shock Injuries In our modern society, electricity is taken for granted.  We rely on it to cook and refrigerate our food, to power our appliances and computers, to generate heating or air conditioning, and we use it as a source of light.  Despite its convenience and constant use, the transmission and […]

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