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Category : Elder Abuse
  • Close up picture of an injured elderly woman's eyes & face

    Elder abuse is the emotional, physical, or sexual abuse of a senior. It also includes neglect, abandonment, and exploitation. Perpetrators of elder abuse may be family members, spouses, or staff at residential living facilities. Elder abuse is a very real concern in the United States. Arming yourself with information can allow you to be more […]

  • sad-elderly-woman

    As our loved ones get older, it often becomes clear that they need help to complete everyday tasks. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an in-home nurse who can assist with medication, cleaning, shopping and other small responsibilities. However, when that simply isn’t enough, moving our loved ones into assisted living communities — a.k.a. “retirement […]

  • Elder abuse is a serious problem affecting society today. The National Center on Elder Abuse reported that in 2010, nearly 10% of the elderly population reported abuse. Elder abuse can come in many different forms, including physical or financial abuse. 90% of the time, the abusers are family members, but abuse also occurs at nursing […]

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