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Category : Dog Attack Injury
  • What Is The Most Aggressive Dog Breed

    FAST FACTS There were approximately 78 million dogs in the United States in 2016. 81% of dog bites do not result in injury or they only result in minor injury. About 900,000 of these bite wounds become infected. While many people fear being bitten by a dog, most don’t know how common dog bites really […]

  • Young man with angry black dog on the leash

    Being bitten by a dog is frightening. Whether you are bitten once or attacked, you can be severely injured and left with emotional scars. If you own a dog in California or you have been bitten by a dog, you should be aware of the state’s laws regarding dog bite liability. Strict Liability California has […]

  • little girl with puppies, cute

    When a child is bitten by a dog, the results can be severe for both the little victim and the dog’s family. In many cases, the dog’s family may feel obligated to put their “aggressive” dog down. In other instances, the child may be bitten by the family pet, putting the family on edge and […]

  • Belgian Malinois dog running in grass

    On December 13, 2016 two Grover Beach residents were seriously injured after they were attacked by a dog. According to the San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois dog initially attacked 85 year-old Betty Long.  A neighbor, David Fear, bravely came to Mrs. Long’s aid and ended up being severely bitten. According to […]

  • yorkshire terrier on christmas

    For better or worse, puppies are one of the most commonly-given gifts for Christmas and other holidays. Often, the dogs are treated well and placed in a good home. However, there are times where families adopt or buy a dog, only to realize the pet is not a good fit for their family. Perhaps they […]

  • aggressive-austrian-german-shepherd

    Millions of people across America have dogs in their homes. Most of these people live with their pets with no incidence of aggression. Unfortunately, hundreds of people, including children, are bitten every year by their own dog. Receiving a bite from a family pet is more likely than receiving one from a strange animal, but […]

  • aggresive dogs

    Dog attacks are a scary situation. If it is a feral dog, there is the threat of rabies and other diseases. But if it’s a dog you are familiar with, you may lose all trust in your pet. And if it is a friend’s dog, or one who has an owner otherwise, you may become […]

  • dog biting mastiff

    Dogs are man’s best friend. For 15,000 years, we have had dogs by our sides as hunting partners and companions. Since the early days of partnering with wild wolves, we have bred dozens of different kinds of dogs, from Great Danes to teacup Yorkies. Yet, at the end of the day, even the calmest and […]

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