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Category : Car Accidents
  • Car Seat Safety for Young Passengers

    September 23 – 29 is Child Passenger Safety Week.  Hopefully, we all know that it is important to use an approved car seat for our young children, but the laws regarding the use of car seats require car seats for older children as well. Children under 2 years old must ride in a rear-facing car […]

  • james dean memorial highway

    This morning yet another fatal wreck was reported at the Highway 46 Cholome “Y”. This area is often referred to as Blood Alley due to the abnormally high number of serious crashes at the site. KSBY is reporting that a military Humvee collided head-on with a smaller car. Initial indications are that a blown tire […]

  • Driving Safely During Wildfire Season in California

    FAST FACTS January 1, 2017 through July 8, 2017, there were 2,750 fires in California that burned 79,861 acres. During the same time period in 2018, there were 2,964 fires that burned 91,646 acres. The five year average for the same time period is 2,811 fires and 36,967 acres burned. The statistics above are from […]

  • damaged car on the highway

    In December 2017, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department in Florida launched a driver safety campaign they called “Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Driving.” These “sins” are the leading causes of car accidents in Florida. However, they are problems for drivers throughout the country. According to the Citrus County Chronicle’s report, the 7 deadly sins are: […]

  • couple eating while driving

    It seems like people are doing everything behind the wheel, except keeping their eyes on the road. Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk, including the driver doing the distracted driving. Knowing the top five causes of distracted driving can serve as a reminder of what not to do behind the wheel. It […]

  • person holding credit card using computer

    Online shopping has become much more popular in recent years. In fact, it has become so popular that many brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing financial difficulties. It stands to reason that the more people find what they need online, the less they are traveling to malls and shops. What some people may not have considered is […]

  • car accident

    People are relying on Uber like never before. Whether for quick trips to the store or a sober ride home after a night on the town, Uber has certainly gained popularity. While you may be counting on Uber as a safe ride to your destination, what if your ride isn’t safe? If you get into […]

  • Front of a car get damaged by crash accident on the road

    You’re driving down the street and a car hits you and keeps driving. You park your car in front of your house and come out in the morning to find your rear bumper laying on the ground. In either case, you have no way to find out who struck your vehicle. Your thoughts immediately turn […]

  • Cockpit of the autonomous car concept

    Imagine getting behind the wheel, ready to drive to work and having to do nothing but sit and relax. It’s a vision of the future that has become a reality. Autonomous cars were something only dreamed of until recently. Now that they are here, people are wondering if we are really ready for them. The […]

  • Friends uncorking champagne at a New Year party at a bar

    On December 17, a driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI following a crash on Highway 154 that left two people dead.  Rigoberto Gracida Paucene, 30, of Santa Maria, who is suspected of driving drunk, was heading eastbound on Highway 154 when he reportedly drifted into oncoming traffic and crashed into an oncoming car. The […]

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