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Category : Car Accidents
  • Friends uncorking champagne at a New Year party at a bar

    On December 17, a driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI following a crash on Highway 154 that left two people dead.  Rigoberto Gracida Paucene, 30, of Santa Maria, who is suspected of driving drunk, was heading eastbound on Highway 154 when he reportedly drifted into oncoming traffic and crashed into an oncoming car. The […]

  • Upset driver After Traffic Accident

    Every 48 minutes in the United States, someone passes away due to injuries resulting from accidents caused by impaired drivers. That statistic is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The statistics are not surprising perhaps, but they are frightening. If you are going to be on the roads this holiday season, […]

  • Car accident

    A couple went to the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas with the intent of enjoying a bit of entertainment. When the gunshots started, the couple ran for their lives. They were among the lucky who survived the mass shooting. Just two weeks later, both had passed away. According to reports, the couple […]

  • Beverly Hills street with palm trees at sunset, Los Angeles

    KSBY is reporting that a 28-year-old Atascadero woman was killed in the early morning hours of October 13, 2017. The woman was reportedly driving southbound on Highway 101 in Santa Barbara when for an unknown reason her car left the roadway and hit a tree. When a vehicle leaves the road on a freeway and […]

  • Closeup of man fastening seat belt in car

    If you follow the law, you buckle up every time you slip behind the steering wheel. In fact, you buckle up each time you get in the car, no matter where you are sitting. If you don’t follow the law, it may be because you believe one of the seat belt myths that we are […]

  • Car Accident concept image with colorful miniature cars

    There are hundreds of accidents on California’s roads every day. Usually, there are simple fender benders or other minor accidents that are resolved relatively quickly. Fault is laid on one driver (or both), a police report is taken and insurance claims are filed. When multiple cars are involved, though, figuring out who is at fault […]

  • stop sign againt a blue sky

    According to KSBY, a Santa Maria man was killed, and his two passengers were seriously injured on Monday, January 3, 2017.  According to reports, a woman driving at Acura was stopped at a stop sign at an intersection Highway 33, but for an unknown reason pulled directly into the path of a Chevrolet driven by […]

  • There you are, driving down the 101, rockin’ out with your windows down. Just like every day, traffic in front of you has slowed to a crawl, so you slow down, too. Unfortunately, the driver behind you is on their phone and not paying attention. They hit their brakes, but it’s too late. Suddenly, they […]

  • bixby-creek-bridge-on-highway-1-at-the-us-west-coast-traveling-south-to-los-angeles-big-sur-area

    California is one of the biggest and most populated states in America. With about 29 million cars on our roads, accidents are bound to happen. In fact, more than 3,000 people were killed on our roads in 2014. Though accidents can occur anywhere, some roads are simply more dangerous than others. Some see heavy traffic […]

  • car accident side impact

    Just about every driver in America has been in a car accident at one point or another. Every year, there are 5.5 million accidents on our roads across the country. Unfortunately, that leads to about 30,000 deaths annually. As cars become more advanced, including the greater prevalence of self-driving cars, those numbers should drop in […]

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