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Category : Brain Injury
  • How does Brain Injury Amnesia Work? One of the most well-known but misunderstood effects of a brain injury is amnesia. We have all heard of people forgetting who they are, where they grew up or other essential information—but are these stories real? And do people with amnesia ever recover their memories? To answer these questions, […]

  • Are Brain Injuries Permanent? When you or someone you love has experienced a brain injury, you have questions. Brain injuries can have extremely serious effects, and one of the most urgent questions for many survivors is whether their life will ever go back to normal. After all, living with a brain injury short-term is one […]

  •   Are Brain Injuries Fatal? We work frequently with individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries and their families. One thing we have learned is that no one expects a brain injury until it happens, and when it does they have questions—often urgent, very serious questions. Perhaps none of those is more frightening than the […]

  • How to Treat a Concussion We write frequently about concussions and brain injuries. Concussions are among the most serious injuries you can face—yet many of us don’t know how to recognize or treat them. Here are the basics of helping someone who you think may be concussed: Know the signs. Concussions come in many forms, […]

  • How Do You Protect Your Brain from Injury? The brain is easily the most sensitive and important organ in the body. Frequently, when we work with brain injury victims they express regrets that they didn’t do something different—something that might have prevented their injury and changed the course of their lives. So can you protect […]

  • For some injuries there are clear cut medicines and treatments. Brain injuries, however, are more complex. There is no single medicine that can be used to treat a brain injury, and no such thing as a “cure.” Brain injury survivors and their families should expect doctors to recommend a variety of medicines and treatments over […]

  • The effects of a brain injury are rarely minor. Many brain injury survivors worry that they will never be able to go back to a normal life or that their cognitive abilities will never improve. But recovery from a brain injury is a slow process and one that can often be improved with the right […]

  • A brain injury can happen quickly, but the consequences can be lifelong. Often, those who survive a head injury with brain damage will find that they cannot perform all of the tasks they once could, even normal, everyday tasks that were once easy. In other cases mobility is affected or certain kinds of motions are […]

  • How Do Insurance Companies Determine the Impact of a Brain Injury? A brain injury is a serious event with long lasting consequences. Most brain injury survivors will face a long road of cognitive therapy and other treatments to recover some aspect of their normal life. Many will have to consider a “new normal.” Given such […]

  • A man in Oakland suffered insult after injury after he was injured in an accident. The man was cycling down the road when he was struck by a pickup truck and thrown 30 feet. The elderly driver stopped to render aid to the cyclist, who was extremely injured.  But while he was helping, bystanders stole […]

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