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Category : Brain Injury
  • A brain injury support group can be a crucial resource for brain injury survivors, their relatives, and their families. It can be a way for them to gain support and understanding from the only people who truly understand what they’re going through: those who have gone through it themselves. A support group can also be a […]

  • Brain injuries of all kinds are serious. Thus, many people are surprised to learn that there is such a thing as a “mild” brain injury. Doctors have divided traumatic brain injuries into mild, moderate and severe categories. These categories largely reflect how likely an injury is to cause long term or permanent damage, as well […]

  •   Last time we gave you a basic checklist to help you prepare for providing family support and care to a loved one with a brain injury. This process is never easy, however, and even the best of us will make mistakes. Today, we wanted to follow up with some simple dos and don’ts that […]

  • If a loved one has experienced a traumatic brain injury, bringing them home from the hospital is a big day. It should be a happy day, but it’s also the beginning of the difficult work of supporting and caring for them in recovery. Your loved one may need help with even the most routine tasks, […]

  • A traumatic brain injury has many possible side effects, and some of these can be truly frightening. One of the most difficult effects for both the patient and family members is “sympathetic storming.” Sympathetic storming means repeated episodes where the body seems to go completely out of control. Not all brain injuries cause sympathetic storming. […]

  • After a loved one suffers a brain injury, it’s not uncommon for friends and family to notice what seems like a personality change. This change can range from a mild or occasional bursts of aggression to long term, serious mood changes. In some cases they come and go, leaving the brain injury patient feeling as […]

  • Recently we wrote about the ways in which a brain injury can trigger depression, and why this so serious. But if you or a loved one suffers from depression, there are ways to treat it. Depression is something that can be managed, improved, and in many cases even “cured”—and the best treatments are sometimes different […]

  • Anyone who has experienced a brain injury is likely to face changes, often very serious ones. Sometimes those changes are very noticeable, like amnesia or confusion. One of the most difficult changes is also one of the most subtle: depression. Brain injury patients face an increased risk of depression. This depression can last for weeks, […]

  • Everyone knows that boxers can run into serious problems if they take enough blows to the head. Long known as being “punch drunk,” veteran boxers have a reputation for developing brain injuries that affect their personality, motor control and mood. But most people don’t realize this condition is markedly different from most brain injuries—and actually […]

  • What is the Best Rehab for Brain Injuries? What happens after a traumatic brain injury? How do you cope with new disabilities, long term symptoms, and often, a very different life? These are among the biggest questions that brain injury survivors face. They want to find the best rehab for their brain injury, and recover […]

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