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Category : Bicycle Accident
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    A bicyclist is recovering after having suffered a moderate head injury. He was struck by a hit and run vehicle in Grover Beach on Thursday night. The incident happened when the cyclist was riding westbound on Mentone Avenue near the intersection of South 16th Street just before 11 p.m. The bicyclist was struck by a vehicle […]

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    A man in Oakland suffered insult after injury after he was injured in an accident. The man was cycling down the road when he was struck by a pickup truck and thrown 30 feet. The elderly driver stopped to render aid to the cyclist, who was extremely injured.  But while he was helping, bystanders stole […]

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    These days, there are an increasing number of people who ride around the city on bicycles, as they are less expensive than cars, and don’t require gas or large parking spaces. To avoid accidents of any kind, cyclists and vehicle drivers should follow rules and respect one another’s rights. Trucks and cars should know how […]

  • If you have been involved in an accident while bicycling at night, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    While the majority of bicycle accidents occur during daytime, the risks involved when bicycling at night are many. You always run the risk of a sudden collision especially during low light and cold weather. Since motorized vehicles and bicycles share the same roads and city streets, you need to make sure that your bike is […]

  • Bike Crash

    Before anything else, you need to go to the police and file a report following a bike collision. These police records can serve as substantial evidence. Right after the bike crash, be mindful enough to approach anyone who has witnessed the crash to inform the police and provide them with your contact details. Don’t leave […]

  • If you have been injured due to poor helmet performance, contact a personal injury attorney today.

    With helmets sold at the market for different prices, there has always the question of adequate protection coming from cheap helmets. Many salespeople are known to warn against buying cheap helmets, convinced that helmet performance is directly proportional to its price. This question prompted a popular test laboratory in the U.S. to conduct a performance […]

  • If you have been the victim of a concussion, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    It’s impossible not to talk about helmets when discussing bicycle safety. Initially, bike helmets were created to protect the head from the exterior injuries sustained from a serious impact in bicycle accidents and collisions. However, the latest research has discovered that interior injuries—namely, concussions– can actually be just as perilous. What is even more alarming […]

  • Contact an attorney today if you have been in a bicycle accident.

    The total number of people killed in bicycle crashes for the year 1995 was 830. In 2011, or roughly 16 years later, the number has dropped to 677 fatalities, but the population of bicycle-related deaths is still alarming. While these numbers make up only 2 percent of the total number of traffic crash fatalities, there’s […]

  • If you have sustained a bicycle injury, contact a lawyer today.

    Bicycle riding always carries with it the risk of bicycle injuries. However, you can keep these injuries from taking place by avoiding danger zones and learning all the pertinent bicycling skills you need. Injury prevention is often a combination of mindful maneuvering and a thorough knowledge of all the necessary rules. Listed below are some […]

  • Protect yourself from cyclist accidents.

    In the UK, approximately 19,000 bicyclists are involved in road collisions, with as many as 3,000 of them ending up gravely injured or killed. The total number of casualties for the year 2011 was 19,215, with 16,023 of these individuals suffering from slight injuries. Those who endured serious injuries numbered 3,085 while the fatalities totaled […]

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