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  • Red legal book and gavel on table

    When a loved one is killed by another person’s actions or negligence in California, you may be able to recover financial compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Though no amount of money can heal the pain of losing a loved one, it can help you cover many expenses, such as final medical bills and funeral […]

  • Rear view of semi trailer on highway

    An accident was reported on the California Highway Patrol’s website just after 10 a.m. on Monday morning. According to the report on the live traffic information site, two semi-trucks had collided, causing both to burst into flames. The California Highway Patrol says that the accident caused the Antioch Bridge and State Route 160 to shut […]

  • fireman using hose

    The fire department in Altoona, Iowa has found itself under the scrutiny of OSHA recently. After conducting an inspection of the department’s fire equipment, OSHA handed down three violations. It stands to reason that firemen and women must have the ability to work with equipment that is safe. They are often put in perilous situations […]

  • Dry tea leaves and present bag

    It takes on many names: Skunk. Moon rocks. K2. Fake weed. Whatever it’s called, Spice has become a mainstream drug in California for teens and adults alike. This blend of natural herbs and artificial chemicals is often sold in stores and is therefore easily available. Yet, even though it is touted as a “natural” drug […]

  • old montreal cirque du soleil

    Thousands of people across the nation have had the pleasure of watching a Cirque du Soleil performance. The amazing performers could certainly be called athletes for all of the stunts that they perform. In most cases, people watch a beautiful show and leave the theater. The performers practice tirelessly to make sure that this is […]

  • Portable Toilets in nature public park

    A farm truck in San Luis Obispo was hauling portable restrooms and harvest supplies when the driver decided to cross train tracks, despite a train coming. The train, an Amtrak passenger train, clipped the rear of the truck as it was crossing the tracks, causing the truck to turn over on its side. According to […]

  • Candles light select focus, black background

    When a loved one dies in an accident due to someone’s error or negligence, certain surviving family members may be legally able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In most states, there is an order of those who may file suit. For example, if there is a surviving spouse, that is the person who must […]

  • tired or upset truck driver in cabin of big modern truck

    Driving a semi truck is one of the most stressful jobs in the nation. Between keeping a tight schedule (and sometimes foregoing sleep to do so), dodging other drivers on the road and ensuring their freight remains safe, it can feel tough to stay sane sometimes. However, trucking isn’t without its benefits. Drivers get to […]

  • Forklift driver stacking pallets with cement packs by stacker loader

    Though OSHA is the agency responsible for officially investigating workplace incidents and the like, they are not the only national group concerned with employee safety. The National Safety Council has a team of experts who also travel across the country to conduct safety audits at various worksites. In their travels, they have noticed 7 common […]

  • Traffic jam collapse, cars on highway

    One of the main reasons many people choose to live in Southern California is the year-round gorgeous weather. While other parts of the nation deal with wild changes in weather, going from snow one week to heat waves the next, SoCal gets sun, sun, some rain and then more sun. However, in recent years, the […]

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