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  • young man and heat stroke

    A new regulation is causing confusion and stress for some California employers. While monitoring heat levels in outdoor workplaces has been a standard, California employers may now be required by OSHA to monitor heat levels indoors. While still in the “discussion draft” stage, the proposal is causing stress among those who employ persons working indoors. […]

  • Summer Beach Party Freedom Concept

    It’s the that time of year. Thousands of college students will be descending on the California coast to enjoy the warm weather and celebrate their break from classes. If you include yourself among the revelers, knowing how to keep yourself safe is important. You don’t want to return to school with an injury to deal […]

  • semi truck on highway

    When you are involved in a truck accident, you are understandably frightened. Driving such a powerful vehicle is a responsibility that few people undertake. Knowing that there may be injured people in the passenger vehicle that has been struck immediately produces anxiety. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, there are steps you want to […]

  • Friends celebrating St Patricks day with drinks in a bar

    St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, if only because it offers a reason to kick back and celebrate with plenty of alcohol. It’s an especially great holiday this year, since it falls on a Friday. Bars throughout San Luis Obispo are sure to be packed with those […]

  • Blurred showcases fashion boutique with sportswear

      When you have someone come onto your property, they have a right to not worry about being injured. If they are injured due to the state of your property, they may be able to gain compensation under premises liability law. One of the most common examples of this law is slip-and-fall, but it can […]

  • Sailboat Bow

    Though California is in the midst of a years-long drought, boating is one of the most popular pastimes in the state. The Pacific Ocean is at our doorstep, and lakes around San Luis Obispo offer boating opportunities without the necessity to get on the open ocean. However, rough seas generally have little to do with […]

  • Cleveland Hopkins USA Airport Highway Sign 3D Illustration

    According to OSHA, a recent demotion at an airport in Cleveland was initiated due to retaliation. A Cleveland Hopkins International Airport employee was demoted after he alerted officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about snowplowing issues at the airport. A preliminary investigation suggested that the employee was in the right when he alerted […]

  • Tired worker fall asleep on oil pipe on plant

    We’ve all been there: We get to work after a fretful night of sleep, and go through the day feeling like a zombie. For some work environments, like offices, fatigue tends to only affect factors like productivity. But for more inherently dangerous jobs, like construction or manufacturing, an exhausted employee can pose serious risks to […]

  • Windsock waving on clouded blue sky background

    California’s mountains and coastlines can make for a beautiful drive, whether you are behind the wheel for business or pleasure. However, it is almost always windy in both of these environments. For regular cars and trucks, that’s not too much of an issue. Passenger vehicles are aerodynamically designed to deal with wind. For semi trucks, […]

  • Sad Young Man Calling On Mobile Phone After Car Collision At Roadside

    When you are in a car wreck in San Luis Obispo, the first question that comes to mind (after figuring out if everyone is okay) is often, “Whose fault was that?” Even if you know the wreck was your fault, it does no one any good to admit it at the scene. There may have […]

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