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  • A blue semi truck with day cockpit and a roof spoiler to reduce air resistance and improve aerodynamics carries the trailer with cargo along the road in an urban city area

    Any person who is responsible for safely operating a semi truck should be able to do so. As the trucking industry faces driver shortages across the nation, elderly drivers are filling positions at a higher rate than ever before. While some elderly drivers are perfectly capable of operating these powerful machines, others are putting themselves and […]

  • Team of Emergency Medical Services workers providing first aid at the scene of a car crash

    The homepage of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration was recently given a makeover. As part of that makeover, a page detailing workplace fatalities was replaced with one concerning OSHA working with employers. According to reports, the website, right up until mid-August, had a section that detailed more than 4,000 people having lost their […]

  • cracked asphalt after earthquake

    A natural disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. With the recent hurricanes, people have been given a stark reminder of this fact. Many people in California have been left considering their own vulnerabilities to natural disasters, particularly earthquakes. Here are ways you can prepare for the unknown strike. Get Your House and Belongings Ready One of […]

  • Wrong Way Sign at Beach

    An accident occurred on September 9 that could have ended even worse than it did. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident involving a wrong-day driver on Southbound Interstate 5. According to reports of the incident, the crash occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. near Richards Boulevard. A pickup truck entered the highway at J […]

  • Flat tire of an old fragment of a rusty abandoned broken truck close-up

    Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck is frightening to say the least. In the aftermath of such an accident, many people are dazed and unaware of what to do next. When a person is a victim of a semi-truck accident, one of the first phone calls they should make is to an experienced […]

  • Focus on the hand of a patient in hospital ward

    A semi-truck accident in Utah recently made national headlines. The story didn’t make the news because of the accident itself, but due to what happened in the aftermath. A nurse in a Salt Lake City hospital was arrested because she refused to allow the blood of the unconscious driver of the semi to be taken. […]

  • young hipster man with shoulder bag and earphones riding fixed gear bike on city street

    When you are involved in a bike accident, you are understandably frightened. Even if you are lucky enough to escape serious injury, the experience is a harrowing one. Unfortunately, statistics show that bike accidents are rising. Your chances of being in a fatal accident on your bike are greater than for someone driving a vehicle. […]

  • Details of dark semi truck on the road on blured truck and trailer background

    A BMW slid under a semi-truck on a California highway and witnesses, including the victim,  reported two cars traveling at high rates of speed just before the accident occurred. The victim’s car was sideswiped by one of the speeding vehicles and sent careening under a semi. The woman did not sustain serious injury. According to […]

  • Business Human and Robot hands in handshake. Artificial intelligence technology Design Concept. Friendship between Artificial and real man

    When we were kids, we dreamed about flying cars and robots handling all of our chores. While this isn’t a reality yet (at least in the ways The Jetsons promised), we truly are living in “the future.” We have affordable robots to handle the vacuuming around the house, the entirety of the world’s knowledge is […]

  • Senior man driving a truck and texting on a mobile phone

    No one can argue that semi truck drivers have a difficult job. Not only do they cross hundreds of miles of territory in a single day, but they drive for long hours in a stretch. These professionals drive between states, picking up and dropping off cargo on the way. One of the most important jobs […]

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