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  • Windsock waving on clouded blue sky background

    California’s mountains and coastlines can make for a beautiful drive, whether you are behind the wheel for business or pleasure. However, it is almost always windy in both of these environments. For regular cars and trucks, that’s not too much of an issue. Passenger vehicles are aerodynamically designed to deal with wind. For semi trucks, […]

  • Sad Young Man Calling On Mobile Phone After Car Collision At Roadside

    When you are in a car wreck in San Luis Obispo, the first question that comes to mind (after figuring out if everyone is okay) is often, “Whose fault was that?” Even if you know the wreck was your fault, it does no one any good to admit it at the scene. There may have […]

  • Car Accident concept image with colorful miniature cars

    There are hundreds of accidents on California’s roads every day. Usually, there are simple fender benders or other minor accidents that are resolved relatively quickly. Fault is laid on one driver (or both), a police report is taken and insurance claims are filed. When multiple cars are involved, though, figuring out who is at fault […]

  • chicago skyline at night

    There is very little argument that police officers have a dangerous job. Men and women who are employed in this profession accept this as a fact. What they don’t accept when they strap on their duty belts and lace up their boots is that they will be going to work to deal with hazards at […]

  • Road and mountains out in the Tasmanian country during winter on a rainy day

    California has had its share of strange weather this season. From snow to heavy downpours, driving on the state’s roadways has been hazardous at times. This was the case last week when two trucks collided, shutting down southbound lanes of 5 Freeway for a period of time. According to reports, a car carrier with three […]

  • Closeup of gavel in court room

    Whether you’ve been in a car accident, fallen in a store or otherwise suffered an injury due to someone else’s actions or neglect, your best bet is to have an attorney on your side in order to claim compensation. You’ve probably heard that before, especially something along the lines of, “You may be entitled to […]

  • dark blue semi - truck with an open trailer flat bed and chrome accents transports building boards on the highway near the picturesque cliffs.

    Trucks accidents are, without a doubt, some of the worst on California’s roads. They are much more likely to cause severe injury and fatalities, but almost always for passengers in the vehicle with which the truck collides. However, truck drivers themselves also see a great deal of injuries and illnesses themselves. According to experts, about […]

  • Clean Diesel Car Tank Cup Closeup

    Who doesn’t love the rumble of a big, loud engine? If that engine runs on diesel fuel, you may want to continue reading. Diesel, used in everything from tractors to construction equipment to regular trucks and cars. However, if you stand near that vehicle while it is running, you may be giving yourself cancer without […]

  • Woman working on a laptop and tablet pc indoor on a wooden standing desk

    When compared to other workplaces like construction sites and factories, offices seem relatively safe. However, even office workers see their fair share of risks — if not as dramatic. Every year, millions of white-collar workers suffer from injuries to their spines, wrists and other joints, putting them either temporarily out of work or greatly decreasing […]

  • A man has slipped and has fallen down on ice

    California has seen its share of rain and snow this season, making moving about outdoors a bit slick at times — and downright treacherous at others. Unfortunately for property owners, one of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits is the slip and fall suit. Wet weather conditions, along with snow and ice, can […]

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