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  • broken leg

    Though every accident is unique, let’s set that aside for a moment for the sake of the following example. Let’s say that you and your closest friend are both involved in accidents that are exactly the same. You both file personal injury lawsuits and are awarded damages, but you receive much less. You find the […]

  • man holding product recall sign

    When a consumer purchases a product for themselves or someone else, they have the right to expect that the product, when used appropriately, won’t pose a danger. Unfortunately, people are harmed by defective products everyday. When manufacturers are made aware of these defects, they typically issue a recall of the product. Here are some of […]

  • upset man standing behind car crash at intersection

    On April 6, 2018, another fatal wreck occurred at the Highway 41/46 intersection, also known as the Cholome “Y”. This accident is yet another serious wreck that has occurred at this intersection in recent months. According to reports, the KSBY Highways 41, 46 and 33 are closed in the area and are expected to be […]

  • Do Robots Make the Workplace Safer thumbnail

    We’ve been reading about robots taking over the human race since we were kids. We’ve also seen it in movies. Robots working alongside humans either turns out well, or in utter ruin. But that’s fiction — what does reality look like?   The Facts about Robots in the Workplace The truth is that robots, in […]

  • couple eating while driving

    It seems like people are doing everything behind the wheel, except keeping their eyes on the road. Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk, including the driver doing the distracted driving. Knowing the top five causes of distracted driving can serve as a reminder of what not to do behind the wheel. It […]

  • person holding credit card using computer

    Online shopping has become much more popular in recent years. In fact, it has become so popular that many brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing financial difficulties. It stands to reason that the more people find what they need online, the less they are traveling to malls and shops. What some people may not have considered is […]

  • view between two oil tanker trucks

    Any vehicle accident has the potential to cause severe injury, but none present a greater danger as an accident with a big rig. Because of the sheer power that is packed behind these vehicles, collisions with them often result in serious injury or fatality. As the driver of a vehicle, one of the best ways […]

  • train accident

    When a train accident occurs, it typically makes the headlines. This is because they don’t occur often. Unfortunately, though they aren’t common, train accidents often result in fatalities. When a person dies, they maintain their legal rights. If a loved one has passed away due to injuries sustained in a train accident, you and other […]

  • small chihuahua on cobbled pavement

    While many people fear being bitten by a dog, most don’t know just how common dog bites really are. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 4.5 million dog bites each year in the United States. Just under a million of those bites become infected. When you take into account the population […]

  • closeup of two men shaking hands

    If you are hurt in an accident, you may consider filing a lawsuit as a way to recover the money you were forced to spend on medical bills and the repair of your property. You are certainly within your legal rights to do so, but going it alone is rarely a good idea. Hiring the […]

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