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  • warning-hazard-reflective-triangle-300x200

    One of the most important parts of driving a semi truck is the pre-trip inspection. Any number of things can go wrong while you’re driving your truck. Your brakes could fail; your engine could start smoking; your transmission could go out. Each of these could be disastrous, and even deadly, for both you and other […]

  • football-field-300x225

    High school football is a Friday night staple across the country, especially in the South. For most, it’s a great extracurricular activity that ends when they get their diploma. But for some, it can be the start of a career. They work to be recruited by top colleges in the nation, and if all goes […]

  • cumulus-cloud-300x200

    Thunderstorms in California are relatively rare. The mixture of a cold ocean and dry air means Southern California may see one to three thunderstorms per year. Yet, when those storms hit, they can be deadly. On average across the United States, about 300 people are struck by lightning annually, with about 50 people killed every […]

  • Millions of people across America have dogs in their homes. Most of these people live with their pets with no incidence of aggression. Unfortunately, hundreds of people, including children, are bitten every year by their own dog. Receiving a bite from a family pet is more likely than receiving one from a strange animal, but […]

  • A concussion has no single, accepted definition. In general, a concussion is a blow to the head that causes mild trauma to the brain. People typically sustain concussions as the result of a car accident or sports accident. Infants often sustain concussions from being shaken, also known as “shaken baby syndrome.” Recovering from a concussion […]

  • a-schooner-listing-to-its-side-and-slowly-sinking-300x200

    San Luis Obispo is minutes away from the beach, going by the city limits. But really, we may as well be right on the water. In addition to the Pacific, there are a few large lakes within driving distance. So is it really any wonder that boating is one of the most popular pastimes for […]

  • parents-with-young-son-in-car-300x199

    Though the arrival of autumn means many things to different people, one thing is certain: It is the beginning of the holiday season. Though we won’t get the traditional “winter weather” other areas of the country receive, we will see a dip in temperature. That dip is enough for all of us to enjoy apple […]

  • several-large-over-the-road-semi-trucks-fuel-up-at-a-fueling-station-truck-stop-in-california-300x199

    Semi-trucks. 18-wheelers. Big rigs. Whatever you call them, they are usually the biggest vehicles on the road. It takes immense skill to drive one well, between managing the size and dealing with 10 to 18 years. It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s dangerous. In fact, it’s considered one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. […]

  • waitress-serving-banquet-table-300x200

    Though the heat may not really subside too much as autumn finally comes around in San Luis Obispo, we do enjoy many of the pleasures this season brings. Pumpkin spice takes over, and holidays come more and more frequently. As more and more shoppers flock to stores to buy gifts, decorations and other necessities, the […]

  • Commercial trucks are vital to our nation’s economy, but that also means that they can carry dangerous materials. When a commercial trailer spills dangerous products, hazmat teams have to clean up the mess. And if the public is affected, it could open up the possibility of liability claims. One commercial driver was lucky their load […]

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