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  • Road and mountains out in the Tasmanian country during winter on a rainy day

    California has had its share of strange weather this season. From snow to heavy downpours, driving on the state’s roadways has been hazardous at times. This was the case last week when two trucks collided, shutting down southbound lanes of 5 Freeway for a period of time. According to reports, a car carrier with three […]

  • A man has slipped and has fallen down on ice

    California has seen its share of rain and snow this season, making moving about outdoors a bit slick at times — and downright treacherous at others. Unfortunately for property owners, one of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits is the slip and fall suit. Wet weather conditions, along with snow and ice, can […]

  • Back of American cargo truck

    Many drivers are understandably nervous when sharing the road with semi-trucks. These large vehicles can cause major damage in an accident — even catastrophic damage. The power that these trucks pack behind these cabs is something that the average driver is not familiar with. In some instances, a semi-truck collides with other vehicles and the […]

  • stop sign againt a blue sky

    According to KSBY, a Santa Maria man was killed, and his two passengers were seriously injured on Monday, January 3, 2017.  According to reports, a woman driving at Acura was stopped at a stop sign at an intersection Highway 33, but for an unknown reason pulled directly into the path of a Chevrolet driven by […]

  • Two experienced workers supervising the manufacture of a metallic cylinder in the interior of a factory

    When an employee feels unsafe at a workplace, the first step they take may be to notify a supervisor. When their complaints go unheeded, they may make a call to OSHA. When that happens, the employee is protected by the anti-retaliation provisions that are set forth by the administration. When an employer retaliates against a […]

  • White bus driving on road towards the setting sun

    California has been hit with some strange weather recently, as snow and rain has fallen over the state and the temperature has dropped below freezing. These conditions may have played a factor in a recent accident near Kettleman City, when a truck driver lost control. Though the accident involved a bus and a box truck […]

  • Welders use a variety of different materials in their work. One such material is the metal manganese. Though it is not generally used on its own, manganese is often found in a steel alloy called mangalloy or Hadfield steel. Mangalloy is often preferred due to its high impact strength and its resistance to abrasion. However, […]

  • Senior man assembles greenhouse

    It’s no secret that Millennials are becoming the largest segment of the American workforce. However, it’s also true that older workers simply aren’t retiring as early as they used to. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 22 percent of workers are at least 55 years old. That’s the highest it’s ever been since […]

  • Drug, spoon and syringe on a table

    The heroin epidemic that has gripped America has been a headlining news story for the past couple of years. Thousands of people are dying every year in this country because of the drug. While there have been fingers pointed at all sorts of causes for the new epidemic, including the overprescription of opiates by doctors, […]

  • Close up of woman hand adjusting washing machine

    Alliance Laundry Systems is one of the biggest names in commercial laundry. Their main manufacturing plant in Ripon, Wisconsin is facing severe scrutiny — and a fine from the Occupation Health and Safety Administration — after a worker lost a finger in one of their machines. A few months ago, a 23-year-old employee lost part […]

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