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  • Fleet of autonomous hybrid trucks driving on highway. 3D rendering image

    It’s safe to say the trucking industry has been facing massive struggles for at least the past few years. Trucking the most common job in 29 states, and the industry employs about 1.7 million people. Yet, turmoil is brewing. Thanks to demanding hours and a meager paycheck, turnover rate is above 80 percent. Moreover, though […]

  • Donation box on a wooden table in the office

    Goodwill is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country. Nearly 3,000 stores are operated across the United States, and the organization employs more than 100,000 people. Goodwill is a household name, and has been a go-to spot for second-hand goods for generations. In addition, the organization provides job training and employment placement opportunities […]

  • Damaged car

    An accident occurred near Poway on June 13. As a result of the collision, a young woman lost her life. The accident happened at about 8:15 a.m. on Scripps Poway Parkway. According to details of the accident, there was a delivery truck in the roadway. That truck had broken down and the driver had pulled […]

  • Amusement park rides

    From Disneyland to SeaWorld to Mustang Water Park, California is full of amazing amusement parks. As families get out and about this summer, these amusement parks are a great way to spend a day with the kids — or even take a short vacation from them. In general, amusement parks go to great lengths to […]

  • Automotive fuel tankers shipping fuel

    A semi truck jackknifed on Highway 180, sending the cab of the truck off the road following a head-on collision with another vehicle. A hazmat crew responded to the scene of the crash. According to reports, the accident happened near Fowler Avenue. The driver of the SUV was traveling eastbound on the highway and lost […]

  • Mobile construction cranes with yellow telescopic arms and big tower cranes in sunny day with white clouds and deep blue sky on background

    One crane is not right for every job. In today’s construction industry, there are a variety of cranes available, each with its own duty. Choosing the right crane for the job at hand helps to ensure everyone’s safety. Here is a brief explanation of the types of cranes that are available. All Terrain Crane This […]

  • Thermometer Sun Sky Over 100 Degrees

    OSHA is reminding employers in several states, including California, to protect their outdoor workers from heat illness. The reminder is especially aimed at those employers of workers who are not accustomed to working outdoors in high temperatures. Heat illness is a very real possibility in the summer and both employers and employees should stay aware. […]

  • One new message on a modern mobile phone

    A trial that many are calling unusual began last week. A teenage girl stands accused of involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors say she talked a boy she called her boyfriend into killing himself. It was through a series of texts that the girl goaded the boy into committing suicide. The girl has not testified, but the […]

  • A pair of feet on a water slide about to land in a refreshing pool

    It was an accident that made national headlines, and something that could be called some people’s worst fear. A boy at a water park in California slipped out of a slide and over the edge. Now, OSHA is investigating the Dublin park. The water slide was opened after passing a Cal-OSHA inspection. Prior to its […]

  • James Dean Memorial Sign

    If you live in San Luis Obispo, you may have taken Highway 46 a time or two. People are beginning to avoid the highway, choosing to take other routes to where they need to go. Why? Because there have been six fatalities on the highway in the past six months. One of the first “famous” […]

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