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Big Rig disaster near Wellsona Road

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The community of San Luis Obispo was not all celebrations on Christmas Eve, as a big rig disaster left four families stunned. The firefighters at Cal Fire San Luis Obispo confirmed that there were 4 dead in an accident that occurred North of Paso Robles on the US 101. The exact location was on the freeway US 101 Southbound near Wellsona road.

The car involved in the accident on December 24, 2014 was a minivan.  The minivan was traveling southbound on the 101 and impacted the semi-truck when the truck made a left turn across the freeway in an attempt to reach the truck stop.  Whether or not this was legal is a question for seasoned lawyers.

Investigators for the police are not confirming many details, but photographers have stated that at the time of the incident there was rain, wind, and unclear conditions at the time of the incident.

Further, the CHP has yet to release a statement regarding whether drugs or alcohol were involved or not involved.

As members of the San Luis Obispo community and surrounding areas, accidents of this magnitude should be prevented at all costs.  The community protects itself by telling large truck companies that drivers should be as safe as possible, and there should be zero tolerance for poor driving by large trucks.  Truck companies often cut corners, and do not adequately train their drivers, force them to drive longer hours, and place everyone else on the road at risk.

Large trucks travel across the State of California, and when they are driving through the county of San Luis Obispo, they place the community in danger when they do not follow the traffic rules.

Sadly, for the four victims who died as a result of the truck driver’s belief that he should hurry rather than be safe, it is too late.  But if we want to protect the roads of the San Luis Obispo community, we should stick up for the families of those who were injured.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident or the loved ones who are now in need, our firm is available to answer questions.  The Ernst Law Group stands ready to tell truck companies that causing wrongful death accidents with their behavior is not acceptable.

This is not the first big rig accident at this intersection of US 101 and Wellsona.  The Ernst Law group previously handled a case where big rig pulled in front of a car in almost identical circumstances.  The result of that case is here.  The first time an accident happens at a location, it is an accident.  The second time it happens at a location, the accident could have been prevented.


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